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Monday, February 6, 2017

Polish speaking accommodation in Edinburgh - Wojtek in Princes Street

Edinburgh Villa Holiday Rentals not only has a close connection to the USA, but also to Poland and particularly Warsaw. If you are Polish, visiting Edinburgh, and looking for vacation holiday rental with Polish speaking accommodation in Edinburgh then we can help you out!

Edinburgh recently unveiled the Wojtek war hero statue. Located in Princes Street gardens, and with Edinburgh Castle as a backdrop, this is quite an impressive statue!

Wojtek the soldier bear!

Just over a half hour drive from Edinburgh we also have the fantastic Polish Map of Scotland. This is the largest terrain map in the world. A highly impressive 3D map of Scotland built in the 1970's. This is located in the grounds of Barony Castle. We recommend anyone staying in Edinburgh with a car (and remember that our Westside Balcony Vacation Rental Apartment has parking!), to try and take a trip out to Eddleston where this map and hotel is located, visit the hotel and it's grounds too, this is one of our favourite spots for a day trip away from Edinburgh! There are many places we also recommend for day trips away where you can use public transport such as Edinburgh Lothian Buses or by train however a car is needed for here!

Barony Castle Grounds 2017