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Edinburghs Vacation Rentals
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Edinburgh Villa Holiday Rentals - money saving tips

As a note, we'd like to say that with more and more holiday rental listing sites now charging the guests an extra % for booking through them (nearly an additional 9% on top of the owners rental rates with some properties!) we will be hopefully updating our own websites and blogs more often so y'all might find us when searching for Edinburgh short term accommodation!

 Edinburgh Villa Holiday Rentals has been offering vacation rentals in Edinburgh for 10 years, and we have always paid in full for a yearly advert allowing guests to have direct contact with us. Within the last few years these 'big' websites have been bought over, and it's becoming more and more commission based advertising. Guests may not realise that many of these websites are adding fees onto them, that we the owners have no control over, and owners are gradually being forced to advertise on this commission/fee basis - obviously putting the prices up for guests and taking the personal contact away from owner to guest. With email addresses and phone numbers blanked out on these sites now, we hope that more and more holidaymakers might start to try and find holiday rentals owners own websites. Many of us vacation rental owners do have our own small websites and you could perhaps save a wee fortune by spending a little time on google researching and contacting owners direct via their websites.

Our prices quoted on our website www.edinburghvilla.com will be the total amount due, there are no other fees or booking costs. The prices quoted on many of these sites will now be that amount plus their fee and booking charge!

Happy savvy searching for your accommodation! 

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