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Edinburghs Vacation Rentals
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Edinburgh Vacation Rentals 2012

Well, a quick review on 2012. Busy! Even in the last month (November) and now heading into early December we have been very busy, any gaps in rentals have been booked by last minute visitors heading to Edinburgh for a long shopping weekend or to see the Christmas festival.

It's been pretty non stop since March this year, and even the slower months such as February and early March were quite busy as there's the February school holidays and the Rugby at Murrayfield always fills up our Edinburgh Holiday Rentals.

If your looking for last minute accommodation in Edinburgh then we do have a few gaps at our established properties such as the Villa and the Quartermile, and we currently have full availability at our 3 Bedroom Victorian Apartment as that is new to the holiday rental market, and we just started advertising it properly this week.

I have to finish by saying we have had some super guests this year. We hand over our homes to holidaymakers and visitors and always hope they respect the fact these are our 2nd homes, owned by us privately, and not some hotel chain. Guests this year for the most part have looked after the villa and the holiday apartments wonderfully and we appreciate this greatly. We try to look after our guests, and it appears in turn, guests look after our properties. Perfect!

A note on parking - if you are looking for Edinburgh accommodation with free parking, then the Villa has free parking at the front door. Also the Victorian Apartment has free parking from Friday at 5:30pm all the way through to Monday mornings at 8:30am. If you are staying at the Victorian Apartment during the week (when parking restrictions are in force), we can offer you visitors permits which allows you to park outside all day, and these are only £3.60 per day. Quite a deal considering its about £1.40 per hour in the pay and display meters and you generally have to move your car every few hours in pay and display spots (you can park all day in permit holders spaces with our £3.60 permits!).

Happy Christmas!

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